Real-life strategies to help your child reach her potential!

Raising Kid PerformanceWant to show your child how to make the very best of his talents and strengths? Robert Audley, experienced educator and motivational speaker, has released his new book: Raising Kid Performance at Home, in the Classroom and on the Field. It’s an indispensable guide with real-life strategies for helping your child reach his true potential academically, physically and emotionally.

From the back cover

“Bob Audley shares his powerful and effective insights, beliefs, models and strategies to bypass kid resistance and move kids forward to productive and happy lives.

Kids are desperate for adult leadership that serves to define the life they want. Kids need adults who know how to guide effectively and constantly bring out the best in them. Kids need adults who can tap into their natural motivation patterns and communicate to personal styles of relating to the world around them. Kids are highly motivated to achieve at a higher level of performance… they need adults who know how to get them there!

Any adult assuming leadership in kid development will add to their already successful toolbox with successful intervention strategies that are easy, time effective and productive. At the end of the day, you will know you have moved at least one child toward the happy and productive life they deeply and passionately seek. There is nothing more rewarding.

Learn the powerful impact of:

  • Identity Development as an adult belief to quickly change kid identity to meet personal goals.
  • Kid Goals and supporting Beliefs that work.
  • Kid Responsibility to achieve the life they seek at home, in the classroom and on the field.
  • 12 Communication Patterns that reduce kid resistance and move them forward to higher performance.


Additionally, you’ll learn how to identify Kid Motivation Patterns and structure adult language to move kids toward the accomplished and happy lives they seek.

Relationships are everything!”

Read these excerpts to see why this book — now available for purchase — belongs on the bookshelves of parents, teachers and coaches.